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August 27, 2008

MiddBlog's Top Students to Watch in 2008-2009

A couple years ago, I started reading MiddBlog to find out what was going on at Middlebury College. MiddBlog delivers the "'unofficial' happenings at Club Midd." At least, it claims to. And because I don't go to school there, I have no idea whether they do a good job with that. But I enjoy it anyway.

Last week, MiddBlog contributor "Ryan" — dude, what's your last name? Why can't I find it on the website? — published a post identifying his picks as the Top Students To Watch in 2008-2009. They are: Pooja Shahani ‘09, Bobby Joe Smith ‘09, Sam Lazarus ‘09 and Jimmy Wong ‘09. Click the link above to find out what makes them so special.

Last year, I mined MiddBlog's list of top students for a story I did on Hiba Fakhoury, who was one of their picks last year. Hiba was singlehandedly answering the questions of hundreds of incoming freshmen on the Midd class of 2012 Facebook group. She started her own site this year. And I hear she's going to be contributing to MiddBlog, too. Cool.


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Ryan Kellett

Hi Cathy,

Yes, I am the "Ryan" of that post. And since you emailed and called me to comment on Hiba and MiddBlog last year, I would think you'd remember since I was not only the sole author but also the founder of MiddBlog. You can find all Middblog authors full names at:

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Kellett

Ryan Kellett

P.S. I'll give WG folks a bonus "top student": Alex Benepe '09 who organizes Quidditch on the Middlebury campus is a must-see as he tries for further greatness in organizing the country-wide expansion of the sport. See the recent MiddBlog post on the announcement of the Intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup 2008:

Cathy Resmer

Ryan Kellett! Man, I searched my email folders trying to find your name. I was pretty sure it was you, but I couldn't remember your last name, and I didn't want to state it authoritatively without some sort of confirmation, and I had trouble finding it on the blog. Thanks for the link.

Of course I remember talking with you. Duh. I should have re-read my Ask Hiba article when I posted it.

Shouldn't you get some kind of award for starting MiddBlog?

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