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August 27, 2008

The Davis Center: Precisely What We Need?

I went to St. Michael's High Sch...I mean, College.

This admission makes me lame and I don't know too much about UVM. For an intro about the center of student life on Burlington's biggest campus, watch our faithful What's Good correspondent Louis Armistead dissect the heart of the Davis Center in a clip that aired last year on UVM TV (with an interview from UVM prez Dan Fogel).

Is it precisely what UVM students need? Decide for yourself.


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Say what you will about the price tag, or the Death Star-esque appearance of the building, but I wish we had a Ben & Jerry's and a New World Tortilla on campus at St. Mike's High School. :(

Jon Taylor

I guess you're right, but SMC has....

...oh yeah, that's right. Nothing.

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