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September 18, 2008

Bands of Burlington — Tonight!

N33146949866_6800 Come to Nectar's tonight for an 18+ explosion of local music mayhem!

Nine bands will play on two floors to benefit The Radiator. Sugarbush will be giving away T-shirts and season passes. You could also win a complete 2009 Burton Snowboard package or an "All You Need is Love" spa retreat from Cynthea's Spa.

All the gooey details are here. See you tonight!


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Alex Nief

Great job by all the bands, 7 Days, Sugarbush and Nectar's/Metronome. I had a blast.

Gay Bob

But your cab ride home was the highlight of the night, right?

Alex Nief

Yes Bob, the 5 minutes that I spent sharing a cab with you were definitely the highlight of my night (I especially liked the part where we dropped you off):)

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