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September 22, 2008

"How to approach and meet a girl in your class"...oh my.

A few weeks back in Seven Days, Mistress Maeve dispensed some advice to a college guy on how to meet girls in school. I am no relationship sage, but I think her tips are better than, erm, the "follow a girl and set up a pseudo-coincidental meeting" method that this chap advocates:

Hey, whatever works for you, man. Whatever works.

(Side note: I had an Anthropology test at 8:30 a.m. the morning after last week's Bands of Burlington showcase, which ran well into the wee hours. Pleased to report that, despite my lack of sleep, ringing ears, and complete dismissal of studying in favor of the show, I got an A on the test. Proof that rock'n'roll is good for you.)


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Jon Taylor

And while I've heard worse advice about women in college, this guy's overall demeanor makes him Creepiest Guy of the Year.

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