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September 02, 2008

The Best 368 Colleges: Mercifully, not as complicated as the BCS.

I haven't put much thought into The Princeton Review's Best 368 College Rankings since I've actually been in college, though they were helpful during the college selection process. But just for fun, I decided to take a look to see what lists St. Michael's had made it on this year. As it turns out, we're number four on the Town-Gown Relations are Great list.

Hold on a second.

SMC is located in this weird little extension of Colchester that's hardly even connected to the rest of the town — we've got the Winooski border up against one side of campus, and Essex on the other. Besides, I've not heard of students here going to Colchester for, well, anything. There's no real reason to go there unless you own an expensive house on Malletts Bay. So maybe The Princeton Review means that our school has great relations with the Burlington area as a whole? (Yeah! Take that, UVM! They like us more because we don't leave trails of destruction all over The Hill!)

Then again, I was at Old Spokes Home last week getting my bike repaired when I overheard somebody talking about how he couldn't go on his usual run at the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston that day because the place was mobbed with two vans of "obnoxious St. Mike's kids" there for some kind of training. Great relations, indeed.

SMC also made the Best Quality of Life list, in 14th. This is because our school is full of happy drunks who really only require a 30-rack of Bud Light to consider their lives of high quality.

Elsewhere in the area, UVM unsurprisingly came in 15th on the Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians list, and 4th on the Reefer Madness list. Ah, just missed out on the medal podium for pot smoking, Catamounts. Feel free to refute (or confirm) your school's hippie stereotype in the comments section.

Those overachievers at Middlebury College made a whole bunch of lists. Seems appropriate that a school with great campus food would run like butter--ah, those clever Princeton Review wordsmiths! And you Middlebury folks really love your professors, huh?

Lastly, Champlain and Burlington Colleges didn't make any lists. Ouch.


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Jon Taylor

This post just reminds me of how much St. Michael's is misunderstood by its community and the college guide powers-that-be. I'm not exactly sure that expensive landscaping equals quality of life. I could be wrong though.

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