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October 14, 2008

Chittenden 3-4 Election Update

Kesha_headshot Chris_2 Zuckerman As election day approaches, Vermont's hottest statehouse race is reaching a hearty boil. Both tickets are stepping up their efforts to court the lucrative UVM on- and off-campus votes.

On the donkey side, Kesha Ram supporters continue to keep a vigilant presence on-campus, tabling at campus chill spots, distributing materials. I was even invited to a "Kesha for Vermont House Party" last week. Invitations via Facebook, of course.

On the moose side, Chris Pearson and David Zuckerman are holding a press conference today (Tuesday) outside UVM's Bailey-Howe Library to talk about their environmental creds. (And oh, how we UVM-ers love all things green...) Plus, they've been flexing some money muscle, buying ad space in some of UVM's weekly student publications.

The Cynic has already published some rather tame profiles of Dave, Chris and Kesha but expect both sides to continue to regularly appear in on-campus media up through election day. Some more in-depth interviews with The Water Tower, UVM's alternative newsmag — yes, I'm one of the editors — are planned to take place in the upcoming weeks.

This election, like its national counterpart, is stirring up a great deal of emotion as B-Town grapples with its own battle of change versus experience. I'll be speaking again with all three candidates before Catamounts hit the polls on November 4th, so check back for more updates.


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We've linked some of your stories on the race to the UVM College Democrats website:

Keep up the good work.



Oh, lord, not another tepid democrat in the house. Spare us.


"tepid democrat"

Kesha is far from a "tepid" democrat. She is one of the most passionate people I have met. She has knocked on every door in her district, she has held house parties, she has interns working for her, and has endorsements galore.

If you wanna talk about "tepid"...look at Chris Pearson, who was never elected to the seat, but appointed by our "tepid" mayor. And while holding this seat, he has done little in the house to help that district. Chris is just riding the coat tails of Zuckerman, hoping that will get him elected.

Ivan Jacobs

Dave, You're facts are wrong, that doesn't do anyone, any good.

First, the mayor didn't appoint Chris, the Governor did, that's how it works when a seat becomes vacant.

Second, after serving in the legislature for a session Pearson WAS elected to his seat in November '06 and is now running for re-election.



I am sorry about the misinformation. I just get so annoyed when people make judgments about people without meeting the candidates. Kesha has the experience and passion to represent the hill district. When I met Chris Pearson he did not have that passion. And I have not been impressed with his experience in the House. Not every Prog can be like Dave Zuckerman.

Ivan Jacobs

Just be glad that when you're on the internet (anon or otherwise) it's easy for people to call you out on misinformation. When you're talking about issues face-to-face, most people will think it impolite or combative to take issue with inaccuracies and your credibility (or that of who you're representing) will be shot. So, just be careful in the future, it's a small town.

What is it about Pearson's experience that doesn't impress you?

Rep. Pearson is one of the most energetic and valuable members of the legislature... ask just about any other legislator.

Chris has, in fact, won concrete victories in the legislature, not only for his district, but for the entire state, especially with his work on the Government Operations Committee.

He's been a major part of getting things done for the state of Vermont and in his freshman year the VSEA (representing the people who actually run the state) honored him as legislator of the year. He's also racked up some very significant endorsements including that of Sen. Bernie Sanders who stays out of most local and even state races.

I really don't think it's fair to say Pearson is "riding coat tails of Zuckerman" when he's actually been running a very aggressive campaign.

I know that Kesha is running a really exciting campaign, and people I trust say she'd be an effective legislator. I just don't understand her campaign theme of "change". It actually seems more than a bit suspicious, given that she's running for a seat already occupied by change-oriented individuals, one might think she's the one trying to ride some coat-tails.

I'd love to support her, but I don't see how her candidacy in this district could possibly advance her stated agenda of change.


A quick peak at the candidates' webpages is revealing. Kesha's "endorsement's galore" in fact comes from known Democrats like Gov. Kunin, party chair Ian Carleton, dem councilor Ed Adrian and so on.

Zuckerman and Pearson are endorsed by all the groups that work in Montpelier on the issues that I consider very important (and, by the way, the issues that Kesha supports), like the conservation voters, planned parenthood, labor groups, gay marriage get the idea.

Seems to me we have someone dying to be a politician running against two people who stay focused on the issues.


Kesha actually said that she was running for the House in Vermont because it was easier to get elected here rather than California. I like what she stands for but I'm only voting for Dave in this race. Ram is way to ambitious and hasn't even lived in the district that long. Chris just strikes me as not having enough stomach. I don't like either of them, so I'll just vote for Dave.

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