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October 02, 2008

Last thing about the Bands of Burlington show. Promise.

Bandsofburlington Has it really been two weeks already since the Bands of Burlington showcase? Goodness. Anyway, I know plenty of pixels have been devoted to that event already, so this is the last I'll say of it. But this week's issue of the St. Mike's online publication, The Echo (for which I'm the tech editor), has a little write-up and slideshow of the event.

And while I'm self-promoting, I guess I'll mention that I'll be on the St. Mike's radio station, WWPV 88.7, from noon-2pm today, and every Thursday this semester.  I promise to deliver the radio-listening citizens of Burlington and Colchester nothing but pure awesome.


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Chris AKA

I was miss quoted in this article and just wanted to make the correction. I didn't say the Vanderpoles will give you "herpes" I said they'd give you "herbies." It was a dumb joke, but I don't want it to seem that we were spreading rumors.

Tyler Machado

Ah I remember that. I actually thought you said herpes, too. But I'll pass along the info to the relevant sources.

Though I have to say, I have no idea what the herbies are. :(

Cathy Resmer

It's a reference to Herb Vanderpoll. Yes, it's a lame joke.


Don't worry, Chris. We know you ska kids are too nice to spread rumors :)

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