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October 12, 2008

St. Michael's Economics Professors Receive a "Manifesto"

Newseconomicsletterpic Strange times in the St. Michael's economics department. An anonymous letter was taped onto the doors of the economics professors on Sept. 18. The St. Michael's newspaper The Defender has the scoop:

...the same document was found published on multiple Web sites under the title of the True Cost Economics Manifesto, part of a campaign featured on The campaign, which began prior to 2005, invites readers to sign the manifesto and take part in True Cost Economics, a concept aiming to create a “new economic paradigm,” according to

Intriguing! Check out the article and read the letter. It sure does sound angry. And a bit deranged.

The Defender quotes department chair Reza Ramazani as being "100 percent sure" that this wasn't the work of a St. Michael's student. Though I haven't taken an economics course during my time at St. Mike's, based on what I've heard from those who have, it's a fairly progressive department with intelligent faculty. And other faculty members at the school have high praise for their economics colleagues, especially Ramazani. In short, our economics department are hardly the people responsible for a tanking world economy and environmental degradation.

Lastly, it sure does strike me as lazy activism to simply print out a few copies of a letter. Can't these leftist revolutionaries at least come up with manifestos in their own words? Is that too much to ask? This guy should've taken lessons from the Forest Crimes Unit over at UVM, and figured out innovative use of toilets or something. Now that's a protest.



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Justin Boland

I'd agree that it's lazy, but "deranged"?

Have you watched the news at all in the past month? Prior to the ongoing collapse, you might have had some wiggle room to pretend this was just crazy hippie talk, but wake the f*** up.

Cathy Resmer

Is this a bit deranged?

"On campus after campus, we will chase you old goats out of power. Then, in the months and weeks that follow, we will begin the work of reprogramming the doomsday machine."

Anytime anybody refers to human beings as animals of any kind (i.e. fascist pigs, pushy bitches, etc.), I start to wonder.

Tyler Machado

Yes, I do consider anonymous, vaguely-threatening letters against professors to be somewhat deranged.

Such an act is not fixing our economy or bringing new ideas to the table. It just proves that the politics of fear is as prevalent on the left as it is on the right.

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