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November 06, 2008

I just want to say thank you...

Thank you to my generation. In recent years we have been labeled as 'apathetic' and criticized by our baby-boomer parents for lack of political fervor. And to be honest, who can blame us?

My first introduction to American politics was Bill Clinton's impeachment. In 2000, as a wide-eyed 8th grade U.S. history student, I watched the electoral college system fail us. Finally, for the past eight years, I have witnessed the most unpopular President haphazardly send our troops into Iraq and turn a budget surplus into a deficit of $454.8 billion — that's just for 2008.

We have developed a political consciousness within a divided, and often cynical, environment. In these recent months, however, I have never been more proud of my peers, as we have proven that given the right opportunity — the right candidate — we, too, can play an active role in our future. So, here's to a new era, a new direction...a new hope.


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