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November 07, 2008

Vanquished Rep. Pearson Talks to WG

Chrispearson Representative Chris Pearson of Chitty 3-4 got back to me last night with some brief thoughts about the election.  Pearson was defeated on Tuesday in a close, and at times bitterly personal race to reclaim his seat in the State House alongside Progressive colleague Dave Zuckerman.  He will be replaced in January by Democrat Kesha Ram.

I never was the most popular when I was at UVM, so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise.  But I don't take it too personally.  It is hard to challenge the two-party system and it's not like the vote reflects a rejection of my record in Montpelier.  I remain very proud of what I accomplished while I was fortunate enough to serve my community.

I am disappointed that my opponent got away with suggesting I was a blatant liar without offering even a shred of evidence to back that up. Her strategy is a good example of why I think we need a new direction in politics and it was upsetting to see it used in a local race here in Vermont.

No comments on future plans...


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beautiful irony

Whoa, folks! You've got it all wrong! The voters weren't kicking Mr. Pearson out because they don't like him! On the contrary, they retired him because he did his job so well, and now it's finished! He and his friends in the Legislature successfully vanquished and stomped out private enterprise in Vermont! The private sector is dead! His work is done here!

Of course, the wonderful irony is that thanks to the fine, fine work that the Left has done in the Legislature in the last 4 years, there are absolutely no jobs in the private sector for Mr. Pearson to take in Vermont now that he's unemployed.

Maybe he can move to a state that still has an economy, and help to dismantle it there. Or, maybe he can just say to hell with it and take a job with a real estate developer or a defense contractor.

It's a beautiful circle of karma.

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