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November 05, 2008

"We Finally Turned This Shit Around," Inebriated College Students Report

College students in Burlington, Vermont are excited that a liberal Democrat wins the Presidential election. The Free Press is there...

If you were within two miles of Church Street last night, you might have heard students shouting "this is our fucking country, too!" and "Who is tired of everyone else run our fucking lives?!" They eventually broke line and chanted "Obama!" for a few minutes before updating their twitter status on their cell phones.

Some even took their shirts off in the name of democracy while shouting "USA! USA! USA!" followed by the European soccer chant, "Oley, oley, oley, ohhhh-ley!"

Finally, they concluded their celebration with "No more Bush!" and a spirited rendition of "We Finally Turned This Shit Around, No Blood For Oil!" The popular college student hymnal dates back centuries.

Young voters were not the only ones excited, it seems. A 34 year-old man on North Street "shots" 18 rounds in Burlington neighborhood to express his joy of Obama's victory.

If nothing else, Wednesday, November 5, 2008 will prove that it's not just politics as usual.


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Tyler Machado

Psh, took their shirts off? There were people streaking across the St. Mike's campus. Seriously.

Okay, it was only like, five people, but still. We did have a spontaneous outpouring of people though, when Obama's victory was announced. Not a riot or anything disruptive--just a bunch of people standing around in the quad, taking part in communal euphoria. And a few people streaking.

Would've been really cool to be in with the huge throng downtown though--especially since everyone was too overjoyed to do anything stupid and riot-like. Alas, going to school out in the 'burbs isn't helpful for that.

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