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February 23, 2009

Jon Stewart to Appear at UVM

Jon Stewart, the salty, satirical host of The Daily Show, will be performing at the Patrick Gym on March 28th at 8 pm. Tickets for UVM students will cost $25, and for non-UVM students, $40, when they go on sale to the general public on March 9th. My guess is UVM students get them earlier. Not fair!

In other news, a 19 year-old received his white jacket to UVM's Medical School. Ronald Masson, a California native, is believed to be the youngest student in the College of Medicine's history. He went to college directly after eighth-grade. Eighth grade! I was begging to be let out of lockers at that time, making awkward, possibly creepy gestures to older women. And Doogie Howser was already in college!  Once again, not fair.

Hey, at least the weather's nice!


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Mariah Pittman

I just saw this, James, and wish so badly I was in town on March 28th. But isn't it interesting that UVM tried to bring Ben Stein for commencement then boots him out and brings Jon Stewart to speak on campus instead?

James Kleimann

Really? I had no idea that there was an incident involving Ben Stein. Do you know what happened?

I hope you're at least going somewhere exciting if you cannot make it to the Patrick Gym on the 28th,

Mariah Pittman

After President Fogel asked Ben Stein to come speak at commencement, hundreds of students protested by sending e-mails calling Stein "anti-science" so Stein and Fogel agreed for Stein to decline the invite. You can read more here:

I'll be in Brazil on March 28th (see the blog post before this one) but I hope you enjoy Jon Stewart!

James Kleimann

Wow. Interesting. Tidbit about Brazil: This may be exaggerated, but my mother went for a standard checkup with her doctor. Her doctor, for some reason, chose to tell her a story of one of her patients who had gone to Brazil. According to the doctor, the woman had gone to Brazil for a business trip and woke up in a bathtub of ice missing a kidney.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of the story, but as it happens, my desire to go to Brazil has lessened considerably.

In any event, it sounds like an exotic, exciting trip. And I hope you return with a newfound sense of culture, and of course, all of your vital organs.

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