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February 25, 2009

UVM Students Protests Job Cuts

Students from the University of Vermont led demonstrations to protest the move by administrators to slash jobs, an effort to meet their budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Richard Cate, Vice President of Finance at the University, attempted to calm tensions, reassuring students that the University is not pleased to make cuts, but it's the sad reality of the situation. It's actually a pretty intense video.

[Ed. note: The video was shot and produced by multitalented Burlington Free Press photo/multimedia editor Ryan Mercer.]


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The video was shot and produced by Burlington Free Press Photo/Multimedia Editor Ryan Mercer.

recent alum

It's embarrassing how rude many of the students are to Richard Cate. As the only executive who volunteered to talk, they ridicule him and make it incredibly less appealing to others to speak face-to-face with students. Many of these students have fractions of the story yet make assumptions and behave as if they are protesting against a corrupt dictator. UVM is in the same position as many other organizations, corporations, and businesses (for-profit, non-profit) that is dealing with the effects of this economy. Yes, UVM has made poor decisions, but remember that this is the same university that actively listens and responds to many requests of the same student body we see in this video protesting.


Recent Alum is mistaken. Fogel and upper administrators have publicly admitted that 40% or more of the current budget shortfall occurred from administrative mistakes--which makes UVM unlike "many other organizations, corporations...that [are]are dealing with the effects of this economy." The fact that so many students are willing to place themselves on the line to save the jobs of people most of them do not know should be lauded, not criticized. I'm sure that Mr. Cate is fully capable of taking care of any bruises to his ego resulting from activist students.

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