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March 11, 2009

UVM and New Yorkers: Not Fond of the Heartland Institute

University of Vermont student Connor Gibson spent last week as one of the 204 UVM students in Washington D.C. as part of Power Shift, where 12,000 students from around the country convened at the Capitol to demand a shift towards greener environmental policy. After the conference he traveled to New York and helped to film and edit this video, asking New Yorkers what they thought of the International Conference on Climate Change, a gathering of global warming skeptics being held near Times Square by the Heartland Institute. The results are amusing.

I don't see what's so bad about global warming myself — it'd allow us to catch a nice tan year-round even in Vermont, right?


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J Brown

This is your typical liberal denial of the truth. They continually called the conference a bunch of deniers. However, all the persons being interviewed were just rehashing what they had been fed in the main stream media. The conference is actually looking at the facts. What warming might be going on is not being caused by humans but by natural events (not caused by humans). It is a known fact that volconoes put more CO2 into the air than the activities of humans. So blame it on the volcanoes!
You have got to quit listening to the manipulative media and look at the facts, the scientific facts, to see the truth. Quit listening to the Al Gore's of this world who are only seeking power, and listen to the scientific world that is presenting the truth.

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