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April 09, 2009

Asher Roth Dropped

St. Michael's students who love college, drinking, women, and college again (in that order) are waking up disappointed this morning. Asher Roth, the "I Love College" singer who was announced a few weeks back as the opener for Lupe Fiasco at the SMC Spring Concert April 17, has been dropped from the bill due to outcry from students, faculty and staff.

A campus-wide email from the Student Association Secretaries of Programming last night said that Roth was being canceled because his images and messages are "obviously inconsistent with our institutional mission," which I think is code for "People are understandably pissed."

My feelings on the matter are known, and yes, I'm very pleased with this decision. I sincerely believe that a college is represented by who it brings in for concerts, and being represented by a disposable act who so obviously panders to the lowest common denominator wasn't very comforting. Oh, and the blatant misogyny in his video and his songs like "Rub On Your Titties" (charming, isn't he) was pretty awful, too. Having that on my campus would have been far from my proudest moment at this school.

So while I'm still concerned that no one on the S.A. Programming Committee saw anything wrong with Roth's music and videos when they were considering him initially, I'm glad they were willing to listen to the campus community who didn't want to be represented by sophomoric, sexist nonsense.

Thanks to the St. Michael's Center for Women and Gender, and everyone else who let their feelings on Roth be known — and thanks to the S.A. for making the right decision in the end.


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You are so stupid its just a song u ruined the show
way to ruin it for all the normal ppl weirdo


"You are so smart its just a derivative, moronic and offensive song u greatly improved the show
way to make it better for all the rational ppl friend"

Fixed. Not even going to touch that atrocious grammar though...


Not that Asher Roth is really any good but I'm not sure how you can defend censorship like this? He's an artist, let him perform his art. If you don't agree with the message, don't attend. This was incredibly disappointing to hear about.

Scott P

Thanks for screwing those students over with eclectic taste in music and the mental capacity to distinguish between whats appropriate school behavior versus what isn't. As a St. Mikes student myself I was looking forward to Roth's performance and even invited a few friends who shared my eagerness to hear him in person. Although I respect your opinion, it not only defeated the purpose of Saint Michael's open minded student body, but was damaging fiscally in several ways. I hope that the next time you choose to express your opinion so energetically, you think of your peers and the decision which best benefits the student body as a whole. If you don't agree with his lyrics, you don't have to buy a ticket. Now I've got to go buy another.

BIg P smc

it a bunch or shit. it would have been 10x better if he had gone. Lupe blew big time. i mean the shit was so bad that i was like wow that was a wast of 20 bucks. and then to add the the insult this woman group was like all we have right too and shit. yeah u got a right a right to shut the fuck up and if u dont like it dont go. god dam.

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