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July 2009

July 04, 2009

It's Tour Group Season

Summertime means the local college campuses are pretty quiet. There are a few summer students around and maybe a conference or two, but apart from that, campuses are oddly still. Except, of course, that summer is prime season for college tours. This is the time of year when hopelessly out-of-touch parents and apathetic high schoolers waste a week of summer vacation roadtripping around the Northeast, stopping at every college and university on the way.

Now maybe I'm just bitter because my first tour guide at St. Mike's totally lied (she said only one of the two required religious studies classes had to be about Christianity, but no! They both do. Other religions can only be electives), or maybe it's just endlessly entertaining to see the uber-perky tour guides get thrown off their games, but I've always enjoyed a good tour group disruption.

Though pretending to loudly buy weed on the phone as you pass by a tour group isn't clever. No one falls for that anymore.

This video's a few years old, but it's still a favorite of mine. It shows a legendary prank on a tour group at Dartmouth College (of course, the Ivy Leaguers are good at this). My favorite part is when you can hear the tour guide in his classy blazer over the chaos trying to assure the group (well, the parents of the group) that they party "no harder and no more than at any other college." Brilliant.

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